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In the full season we have practices three times a week. Morning practices are on the Meyrin rink, evening practices in Trois Chenes rink.

Place Day Time Date starting Date ending
Meyrin Tuesday 7:45 - 8:45 am (outdoors) 31.10.2017 6.3.2018
Meyrin Friday 7:45 - 8:45 am (indoors) 1.9.2017 27.4.2018
Trois Chenes Wednesday 10:00 - 11:15 pm    

Important: The Meyrin IceRink will be closed on these dates:

Tuesday 24.10.2017
Friday 27.10.2017
Friday 30.3.2018



The Trois Chenes rink: It's the blue building number 1

3chenes3chenes zoom3chenes Zzom

Or here is a google maps info:

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The Meyrin ice-rinks: PATINOIRE DU CENTRE SPORTIF MUNICIPAL, Avenue Louis-Rendu (where the Meyrin summer swimming pool is):

The indoor rink (Fridays): Due to constraction work the parking next to the indoor ice rink is not available. Please park as indicated bellow for the Tuesday practices and then walk around the complex to enter the ice rink from above. (We are not supposed to cross trough the inner yard.)

IMPORTANT: you need to use the paper clock to indicate your time of arrival otherwise you are risking to be fined.

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The outdoor rink (Tuesdays): You park your car at the big parking, then you walk trough the small groove, you enter as if you were going swimming ;-)

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