Posted by Asen Christov

The price for a jersey is 60CHF/piece. The default size is XL, in case you want a bigger or a smaller one please specify it in the order. If you decided to order a jersey, please, look up a free number/name in the list bellow.

Then send email to - Martin (STAS). It takes 3 weeks to ship the jersey.

Although for various historical reasons it happened, as you can see in the list, that some jersey numbers are not unique, we want to avoid that. Of course since we have limited range of numbers eventually we will have to begin redistributing the existing numbers. Nevertheless, as long as there are free numbers, it is strongly recommended to choose one of these. Except for the cases when someone like Jaromir or Mario want to join us and they insist to have 68 or 66 ;-)

Note: If a jersey is labeled as "no name", this jersey exists and it is used in the matches we play. In case you plan to join for some of the matches DO NOT order these numbers!

The following nicknames and numbers on the jerseys are already taken (new list, collecting info ...):

IMPORTANT: If the last column "Active?" sais "no" the jersey number/name is free and you can order it