About Us

Posted by Asen Christov

The CERN Ice Hockey club started as an idea of a group of fans(core members) by the end of 2004 and was founded in the beginning of 2005 at CERN in Geneva. The Purpose of the club is to enjoy the beautiful game of ice-hockey. To play a friendly non-contact hockey just for fun. From time to time we also organize friendly matches and we participate in amateur tournaments.

If you are interested you are still welcome to join! We do not restrict ourselves just on people from CERN. Everyone who loves ice-hockey is welcome!


You can find updates, news, photos,.. on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CERNHC/


  • Know how to skate. It's not required but otherwise it won't be fun for you...
  • To wear some equipment. Again it's not required but some equipment (especially for the head and the legs) can prevent serious injuries.


There are no regular meetings of the Club. We advertise them in advance on this webpage and send e-mails.

The club is in the possession of two goalie equipments (also for left-handers). The equipment was bought (big thanks to the CCC and the Staff Association!) by our club core team in summer 2005 (big thanks to Martin).

Thanks to the CCC we have a small storage room at CERN for the goalie equipments.